Heat Pumps and Geothermal

At Fix-It Thermodynamics we are a refrigeration contractor and employ licensed Red Seal Refrigeration Technicians. That is why we can say with confidence that we can FIX IT. Heat Pump, Ductless Split or Geothermal systems, are refrigeration systems that are an energy-efficient alternative to other types of heating systems. That’s why we can say we are trained for your system.

We believe in delivering you the best service at a reasonable, fair, and honest price. No tricks. No gimmicks. No surprises. No hidden fees. After all, we are here to help.

Our technicians are trained to work with, and service all makes and models.

Did you know that your manufactures extended warranty is transferable and you are not obligated to any one contractor?

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Heat Pump, Ductless and Geothermal Maintenance.

Routine maintenance saves money, extends the life of your system, maintains efficiency, and gives peace of mind. We offer one-off maintenance, tune-ups or regularly scheduled programs to ensure your system is running efficiently year-round. Proactive maintenance helps correct minor problems before they become major problems and pricey repairs.

Did you know that your Heat Pump, Ductless Split or Geothermal system contains refrigerant?

Who better to do your service than someone who is trained in refrigeration and understands it.

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Heat Pump, Ductless and Geothermal Installs.

Fix It Thermodynamics we do not believe in installing poor quality equipment or practicing “planned obsolescence.” There are companies out there who will complete the job with the absolute lowest material and labor costs so that they can enjoy the highest profit possible. We are not one of them.

We sell quality products that are installed professionally by trained technicians. We pride ourselves on a business built by supplying quality products at a fair price that provides a living wage for all our employees.

Did you know that most installation failures are not the equipment, but from technicians being rushed to complete the job by their employer to maximize profits?

Buying a new system is stressful enough, so we believe in giving you a quality job from the day we meet you. We don’t want you as just a client but as a friend too. After all, we live here too, it’s important to us that our clients have a positive experience.

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