Ductless Splits

So… What’s a mini split?

Basically, a mini-split, or ductless mini-split, are heating and cooling systems that allow for the ability to control temperatures and climates in individual rooms and spaces.  

They’re perfect for a ton of potential situations from residential, to light commercial and institutional. Mini splits are the best solution for reaching independent climate control in a single space, or for multiple spaces (think: three rooms all with different temperatures… now everyone can control the thermostat!).

When are the best times to install a ductless mini-split system?

  • A house with no existing ductwork
  • New additions like sunrooms, garages, apartments, bonus room, etc.
  • Tiny houses
  • Serving multiple people’s climate needs under one roof
  • Giving supplemental support to a room with specific HVAC problems



One of the many benefits of ductless air conditioning is no ducts! No ductwork means no patching, no painting and no hassle. Configuring your ductless air conditioner system is simple, with a virtually invisible installation that requires only a small hole in the wall to connect the pipe from the indoor unit itself to the compressor unit outside. The outdoor compressor unit also provides power to the indoor unit, so there’s no need for additional indoor wiring.


Carrier ductless heat pump systems continue to perform as efficient heating and cooling systems in even the most extreme conditions, providing year-round comfort control, no matter what the weather’s like outside. Even at -22°F, select systems can heat at 80% capacity. They can also cool at 100% capacity when the outdoor temperature is 130°F.


Carrier ductless systems deliver pinpointed comfort, no matter where indoor units are placed. Want a cooler home office, but a warmer bedroom? No problem. Room-based temperature control is one of the many benefits of ductless air conditioning. Because units can be controlled separately, rooms can be set to different temperatures, depending on your comfort needs. Inverter compressor technology makes heating and cooling temperatures more precise as well. Instead of the constant up-and-down temperature swings supplied by typical single-stage systems, a variable-speed, inverter-controlled compressor operates like cruise control for your comfort. It efficiently maintains indoor temperatures with only minimal fluctuation.


Never underestimate the role quiet operation plays in your overall comfort. That’s why the best heating and cooling systems should be appreciated, but not heard. Carrier ductless outdoor units with inverter-controlled variable-speed compressors operate on longer, lower-speed and quieter comfort cycles. Long refrigerant lines to the outdoor unit also allow the flexibility to install the outdoor unit farther away from decks, patios or other outdoor living spaces.


With filters in each indoor unit, Ductless systems provide cleaner air in the rooms where they are installed. With Ductless, it’s not just about controlling air temperature, it’s about controlling air quality. When circulation is contained within a confined space, there’s no cross-contamination of air between rooms.