Have you scheduled your heating and air conditioning system maintenance yet? It’s more important than you think.

For most people, a vehicle is a very important tool in everyday life. It is a sizeable investment to own a vehicle and it requires regular care to ensure it performs as intended. When you purchase a vehicle, you therefore typically make sure there is a warranty or an extended service plan on the vehicle in order to minimize the impact of potential, expensive repairs during the time in which you own the vehicle. In addition, you sometimes find that when purchasing the vehicle that a preventative maintenance plan is included in the price of the vehicle for services such as regular oil changes, filter changes, tire rotations, and belt replacements. Did you ever wonder why these services would be included in the price of a vehicle or in an extended service plan?

Research has shown that when vehicles have regular preventative maintenance performed on them, they operate more efficiently, generally have fewer large, costly repairs, and experience almost no breakdowns. Since a vehicle for many people is “mission-critical” to their daily lives and or livelihoods, breakdowns cannot be afforded (and you know they ALWAYS happen at the worst possible time), so having some sort of service plan that includes preventative maintenance as part of it is an absolute must. These plans also kind of “force you” to do the preventative maintenance. Reminders are sent out regarding them, and in some cases the warranty or repair coverage is diminished if the proper maintenance is not occurring at the designated points in time.

This same philosophy holds true for key items in your house as well, such as your heating and air conditioning system. Typically, you have the system checked each season or year, and filters changed, etc. to ensure the system is working properly when you need it (because you know that if you don’t, as luck will have it, the system will fail on the coldest or hottest day of the year – and oh by the way, yours is one in about thirty others that failed in and around your area so you will be waiting a long time in the for the repair technician to arrive). A season should not go by without a system check being completed.

There are three types of maintenance strategies reactive maintenance, preventive maintenance and predictive maintenance.

• Reactive maintenance goes by the “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” motto, a strategy that can sometimes save money short term but often ends up costing even more in the long run.
• Preventive maintenance, on the other hand, is a carefully designed maintenance program where maintenance tasks are performed routinely in order to avoid larger, costly fixes down the line.
• Predictive maintenance, which many companies offer, is the best kind of care that you can conduct for pretty much anything. Unlike preventative maintenance, predictive maintenance on your heating and air conditioning systems entails knowing your appliance and basing the treatment it receives upon that information.

Like everything a good service plan still requires a technician with a good knowledge of your system and one you can trust.

So now that you’re in the know how can we help with your personalized maintenance plan?