What is a Pump?

A Pump is a mechanical device that is used to transfer different fluids from one location to another. In most commercial, residential, and industrial buildings there will be a pump doing the work. It can be for a range of applications, from a fire suppression system, heating system, process system or just making sure you have hot water at a tap.

While the importance of having regular maintenance performed on your car may seem straightforward and obvious, pumps tend to be hidden within walls and underneath floors, meaning that many building owners may simply forget that they exist and therefore do not remember to have them regularly maintained. Having your pumps maintained on a regular basis can end up saving you thousands of dollars in repairs and replacement should your pumps break down and stop working correctly.

Let us take the guess work out what needs to be done. We can handle the regular preventative maintenance, repair, or replacement of your existing unit. Call Fix It Thermodynamics to tailor a preventative maintenance for you.