Packaged Roof Top Units

When it comes to commercial heating and air conditioning, the great workhorses are rooftop units. People are accustomed to seeing rows of these units along the top of office and retail buildings. Rooftop units, because of there space saving quality, cost, and ease of service, continues to be the most popular for business use.

Rooftop units are known as package units in the HVAC industry. A rooftop package unit, all the components are housed in one unit and typically on the top of the building. This is different than a split system, which is the common type of air conditioner/heat pump and furnace found in houses.

Rooftop units can be configured with air conditioners, heat pumps, gas heating or electric heat giving them the capability of doing both heating and cooling. With installation of a humidistat on a rooftop unit, it can also control humidity and permit the ventilation of fresh air into the system; this is a benefit that split systems do not have, and it is a great asset for increasing indoor air quality.

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