Make Up Air Systems

Unlock the Power of Make Up Air Systems for Your Building

Commercial make-up air systems play a crucial role in ensuring indoor air quality for a wide range of buildings, from office spaces and hospitals to manufacturing facilities and shopping malls. These units work by supplying fresh, cool or heated air to replace old and stale air that’s been exhausted.

Compared to typical ventilation fans, make-up air units are often more energy efficient and effective at providing healthy air indoors. They are especially important in industrial settings where Canadian safety standards mandate proper ventilation. Whether you’re managing a multi-residential building, a restaurant, or any other commercial space, make-up air systems can make a big difference in ensuring the health and safety of occupants.

  • Make-up air systems are essential in providing safe and healthy indoor air quality
  • They provide fresh outside air to replace the old, stale air that’s exhausted from indoors.
  • In industrial settings, national safety standards require proper ventilation, making make-up air systems especially important.
  • Install a make-up air system to ensure the health and safety of occupants.

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Reduce Energy Costs and Improve Health with Fresh, Clean Air