So, what is a control?

Well in the simplest terms a control is a system that automates tasks required to run equipment. A control in the heating ventilation and air conditioning world can be as simple thermostat or as complicated as a direct digital control, or a building automation system.

Systems like this are customized base on the specific demands of each building. The HVAC control system can be used to turn a furnace or air conditioner on or off, or to adjust the temperature and other settings on these units. Depending on the application, these controls may also be used to adjust other types of building systems. In addition to allowing owners to easily control the systems within a building, a control system is also used to maximize performance and energy efficiency.

More advanced HVAC control systems also include sensors that help to automatically adjust these components with minimal input from the operator. Sensors on the heating or cooling unit operate just like a household thermostat and adjust the operation of the unit to meet pre-programmed temperature settings. Others make automatic adjustments based on air quality needs or the presence of smoke, fire, or excess humidity.

A control system is often incorporated into a larger building automation system (BAS). These systems not only regulate heating and cooling, but also control lighting, security systems, communication, and fire control. They utilize software that allows operators to control the system while on site, or from remote locations. This web-based control makes it easy for maintenance personnel to address emergencies or changes at any time and from anywhere in the world.

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